Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening- with Rev. RoYo and Rev. Glen

Teachers of God,


Tomorrow, Wednesday we start the final lessons in the bricks of our foundation. Lesson 190, which we complete today, is an affirmation that says "I choose the joy of God instead pain." I'm learning this as well. I don't always see pain as a choice, but I suppose it must be. I'm not choosing the joy of God. Okay, then that joy must not be a feeling. Because that would be just choosing to mask one feeling with another. This idea of pain being a choice also asks me to unhook the feeling from my past understanding. Have you ever seen someone get hurt and just winced inside, and felt a pit of sympathetic pain? It's a choice we're making. So when I can see difficulty, from this place of joy, this joy that comes from God, my experience won't be pain. Perhaps the feeling will be there, but I won't interpret it as pain. That is the reality that God and Holy Spirit are offering me in these foundational lessons. I need not believe them, but I'll need them to build the 14 Glorious Rooms to come in Part II of the workbook lessons.


We're going to spend a couple weeks in Chapter 17: Forgiveness & the Holy Relationship. We're going to look at a section called 'The Two Pictures'. How does temptation operate? What does it offer? What are we looking for when get side tracked? What is it we really want that we allow ourselves to get so distracted by what doesn't work? Louise Hay was the first person I heard say this: "The Universe is conspiring for your good!" And yet we manipulate, cajole, conspire, complain and bargain with it. With this attitude we couldn't possible believe that all things work together for our good. Are we still charmed by the victim and it's perceived benefits? Happiness or Fear. What picture do we think is real?

First Image: Antique Baroque Gilded Frame

Second Image: Group handshake

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Illusions don’t offer us anything of value. There is only the promise of happiness, but never the fulfillment of the promise. When we are tempted away from a relationship with Holy Spirit and God, and therefore our greatest happiness, we are stuck with the picture frame and never the picture that was promised. The universe is working at creating our happiness; a picture of light. So is everyone else. Do we see the world in that way? If we are in relationship with Holy Spirit, we are always consciously moving toward our happiness and the happiness of others.

Our happiness is relationships

In Peace and Gratitude for each of us!