Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening September 9, 2015

Teachers of God,

We've created the Forgiveness room upon the foundation we've been building; The Altar of the Heart. We've put in the Hall of the Salvation, the Hall of the World and now we're into the Hall of Sin. The course defines sin in this way "Sin is insanity. It is the means by which the mind is driven mad, and seeks
to let illusions take the place of truth." We must give up the idea of sin and replace it with error. Remember that from Chapter 19? Sin keeps us from being ourselves, to do what is ours to do. It causes us to be unaware of our connection to all that is. 
We're finishing up Chapter 21: Reason and Perception. We're going to look a bit closer at how we move through the world. We're going to talk about what happens when we apply the ideas of ACIM. We have a shift in awareness. We walk differently, sound different and have different experiences. That is sort of the test of understanding these ideas. We either implement them and get the consequences of that, i.e. awakening, a shift, etc Or we don't and continue to talk about them too afraid that our lives will change.

A Course in Miracles

Chapter 21:Reason and Perception

Section IX: The Inner Shift



Image One: Hondo Mongolian Girl photograph by David Edwards


Image Two: Wallpaper called ‘Desire’ smashington magazine


Explanation of Images: We are naturally and pathologically happy people. Yet we don’t act like it. Our bodies support our happiness. We have the skills that support it too. We are happy when we stop trying to be happy, right? Do we have to learn how to be happy? Do we have to learn how to want what we want? Are we interested in the honest realization of our happiness or just the picture of it? Snapped briefly and then posted online. When we take seriously our desire to be happy we must take seriously our own nature as the children of God. Know yourself. Desire to be happy. The world is seriously in need of your vision and your strength.