Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening September 7, 2016

Teachers of God,

Lesson 251

I am in need of nothing but the truth.

I sought for many things, and found despair. Now do I seek but one, for in that one is all I need, and only what I need. All that I sought before I needed not, and did not even want. My only need I did not recognize. But now I see that I need only truth. In that all needs are satisfied, all cravings end, all hopes are finally fulfilled and dreams are gone. Now have I everything that I could need. Now have I everything that I could want. And now at last I find myself at peace.

And for that peace, our Father, we give thanks. What we denied ourselves You have restored, and only that is what we really want.

​How well do we learn? How effective are we as teachers? How well do you see the path ahead? How do you help others find their path? We're on chapter 21 and it's all about Reason and Perceptive. We're learning to use all we know, see and feel in service of our mission on this planet.​

Image One: Eugen Sandow: Father of Modern Bodybuilding

Image Two: Arc-Lightning

Explanation of Images: “No Pain; No Gain” has been a theme forever. We are taught that we learn through pain, but this isn’t true. We believe that we need to struggle to survive, which is also not true. We are better teachers when we are teaching through love. We are better learners when we are taught with love and acceptance. But we are living among those that believe in the value of struggle, suffering and dues paying. When we learn to be ourselves, to be who and what we are, the path of peace and ease comes available. Doors open, connections are made in ways that we cannot plan or prepare. When we do this a while we develop momentum and our path is illuminated before us, like an arc of light we see what is next and what is ours to do.