Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening September 10, 2014

Teachers of God,
Its only fitting that after we build the hall of Salvation and the Hall of the World we would take ten days to look into sin. It says in the introduction that "Sin is insanity. It is the means by which the mind is driven mad, and seeks to let illusions take the place of truth.​"​ When we're upset we're believing something is just not right and has to change for our happiness. We go insane at those times. Nothing has to change, but how we look at it. You can't break the world, after all.

The 10 Pillars of the Hall of Sin
251. I am in need of nothing but the truth.
252. The Son of God is my Identity
253. My Self is ruler of the universe.
254. Let every voice but God's be still in me.
255. This day I choose to spend in perfect peace.
256. God is the only goal I have today.
257. Let me remember what my purpose is.
258. Let me remember that my goal is God.
259. Let me remember that there is no sin
260. Let me remember God created me.


​My experience of the world reflects the Truth I understand. ​​ A greater and greater Truth is ever within my knowing if I rely on my inner sight. I have a talent for recognizing and practicing the truth that I inherited from my Creator. I choose what happens in this Queendom​​ . I'm choosing greater and greater Truth all the time. I listen and recognize my Creator's voice instructing me on what to do. I'm on the path to Home, this Eternal Holy Instant in which I am safe and whole. I ask that my Creator help me to remember who I am and what I'm here to do so that I don't waste time. I'm not afraid of making a mistake or not knowing because I know where to go for answers and solace. I'm a quick learner and correct my mistakes easily.​​ I'm the Child of God and She loves me. I'm ready to go home now.​
​We're looking at Chapter 22: Salvation and the Holy Relationship and Section One (after the Introduction) called 'The Message of the Holy Relationship'. ​​ If we're whole, why are there so many of us? Why are some of them quite irritating? Who are we relying on to teach us the path to our perfect peace and happiness? What do we measure our progress with? How are we to know we're on the path? Really! Well it's easier and harder than we think. The stuff we think is the problem isn't and the stuff we think is fine is the problem. But we'd know that if we were honest about what works. We must join with others to be happy. That's who we are. The Holy Relationship talks practically about how that happens.

A Course In Miracles

Chapter 22: Salvation and the Holy Relationship

Section I: The Message of the Holy Relationship



Image One:

Eye Chart Poster


Image Two:

Hindu child in naming ceremony.


Explanation of Images:

We can explain every part of the eye. We can examine and categorize all that we see. Yet we’re not able to step outside of the whole system to evaluate our accuracy or truth. Not by using the eyes, that is. We can evaluate the world if we use our spiritual sight, seeing with our heartminds. When we let our true nature take over we have the ability to see the wholeness that is around us and in which we are an essential part. Our physical eyes and senses will actually tell us different things if we grew up in different cultures. And our senses will lead us to our heartminds if we let just pay attention to, and be conscious of what is happening/reflecting in this world. Like a child who grows up and learns the culture, has to transcend it to be fully herself. Today we practice seeing with our knowing selves and not our limited selves.