Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening- October 2, 2013

Teachers of God,
We're half way through the Hall of Christ. Christ is used to describe the concept that we one with all that lives. We have reflective consciousness so this often means that we argue with other people about what's correct. It's always about what bodies are supposed to be doing. These lessons are here to help us see that what we really want is an experience of this unity, or oneness consciousness. There is a real emphasis on what we're feeling and seeing because these are the infallible reflection of how we believe. How you doing with living in the oneness?!
We're still on The Goal of Specialness (we learned last week that was M A D N E S S). And we'e going to look just a bit closer into this with The Meeting Place. This section begins with a short introduction. It reads: "Forget not that the motivation for this course is the attainment and the
keeping of the state of peace." Shouldn't it be easy to tell peace from madness? Well that is why there is all emphasis on our specialness. And the specialness of others. We'll look at our lives and our identities this next week. Do you know that there is a difference between your life and your identity? And where is this meeting place? How we create meaning is how this happens. We are in relationship with others and this moment, you know. Is it peaceful? Full of madness? Are we trying to fill a bottomless pit of specialness or do we find peace in relationship? What does a peaceful place look like?

Image One:

MacGuyver TV Advertisement. 80’s adventure drama inwhich Angus MacGuyver got himself and others out of scary scenarios without resorting to violence. He used every day objects and what was laying around to solve the problem.

Image Two:

Drag Queen half in and half out of character. We don’t really believe that this is a woman trying to be a man or a man trying to be a woman. It’s creative. If we thought this was real, then we would be frightened. Drag lets us enjoy the mystery.

Explanation of Images:

We can use our specialness to separate from others or as an artform. The solutions to our problems are embedded in the problem. They travel together. Just like feminie and masculine. They travel together. When we emphasize one over the other is when we get comparisons and speicialness. It’s not true and just causes suffering. Our lives and visions are not comparable to others.