Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening- October 23, 2013

Teachers of God,
What is the Real World? We're building the Hall of the Real World now! "The real world is the symbol that the dream of sin and guilt is over, and God's Son no longer sleeps" We use our eyes to view the mirror of our beliefs. What is creating the world? Our reality, our love and light. What we see is the moon in the water, not the moon. It would be a tragedy indeed if the moon could only exist in the reflection of a still pond on a clear night. In fact, the moon doesn't exist for us unless the sun is reflected off it. What we see is always the sun's reflection on the moon. Are we interested in the understanding the light or studying the changing waters? The real world is here and is more real and reliable than any reflection. 
We are going to look at Chapter 26 this week! It's called the Transition. We've seen a few of us transition in this year. I know I have made some very clear breaks with my past understanding. Have you? How do make those choices? How do we stand in our present understanding and build upon it toward what we want? What is the practice? I want the momentum that comes from making a series of good decisions. I'm all about this creative process. I'm dipping my brush into the real world and painting this transient one with this bright truth. The truth that I am loved and safe and that I can care for you and you for me. Can we agree that we're okay? Finally stop asking others to approve of our actions? I've seen this a lot lately. It's getting reflecting for me that I do a lot of asking for others to approve of me. I'm transitioning out of that idea. 

Image One:

The God Janus. He’s two faced. One face looks to the past and one face looks to the future.




Image Two:

The high road and the low road.

Explanation of Images:

The future isn’t make of the past like we always think. It’s made from the choices that we make in the moment. We are either re-creating the past or trying to avoid it’s creation. This is no way to live. We are either taking the high road or the low road. All roads lead to God, but one has less suffering and doesn’t take as long. What choices are we making is what kind of life we lead and determines the experiences we have.