Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening October 21, 2015

Teachers of God;
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Lesson 293

All fear is past and only love is here.


It's not an easy thing to live as if fear is in the past and love is the only reality, but we can demonstrate that. If we know who we are we can act like it. It does need practice though. We practice letting the past go and we practice trusting this moment. This moment is deep and attractive, but to know that we have to have the faith that the past and future hold nothing dear. Not an easy task sometimes. So when you catch yourself in stress know that it's the past or the future, not this moment and know there is only love here.


We're on to Chapter 26: The Transition because HEY! We've got to find a way to live in the world with this new knowledge, right? We're going to look at section one, the sacrifice of oneness. Ever feel like you were lost in the crowd, swallowed up? That's the fear we're talking about here. It's the Borg and the collective, it's sheep, the herd, group think can we reconcile this notion of we're one with these ideas? 

A Course in Miracles

Chapter 26: The Transition

Section I: The "Sacrifice" of Oneness




First Image: Publicity Photo for Donna Reed Show circa 1958


Second Image: 3 Candles stock image

Explanation of Images: It’s easy to forget who are. We get hungry,lonely tired, and horny at times. We see others as a way to increase our comfort and pleasure. Have you ever ‘lost yourself’ in another? Have you ever resisted being included in a group? We forget who we are and think that reality is measured only in the material by a narrow filter of light, sound, smell, texture and temperature. We long for the perfect relationship, job, home, etc. When the truth is that we are more than enough and quite capable. Others around us are illuminating the way, shining the light on the path ahead. We could be working together to strengthen that idea. We are light and love and strength and knowledge and passion. And so is everyone else. The narrow filters of our bodies aren’t the whole truth, they are the evidence of it.