Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening- November 6, 2013

Teachers of God;
We are finishing up the Hall of the Second Coming! It's a very little emphasized part of the course. It's all about responsibility and what what we are doing. In the introduction it says: "Pray that the Second Coming will be soon, but do not rest with that. It needs your eyes and ears and hands and feet. It needs your voice. And most of all it needs your willingness. Let us rejoice that we can do God's Will, and join together in its holy light. Behold, the Son of God is one in us, and we can reach our Father's Love through Him." What? If I'm waking up, and that is the core of the idea of the second coming the course speaks about, what does that have to do with my hands and and feet and voice? Because unless you are ascending like Moses on Mt. Sinai, then you might have to come back down to the rest of us and do something with your talents. So it's about a perspective we have and hold, right?
The Ten Pillars of the Hall of the Second Coming are:
1. And God Himself shall wipe away all tears.
2. Where darkness was I look upon the light.
3. The holy Christ is born in me today.
4. Let not my world obscure the sight of Christ.
5. There is a peace that Christ bestows on us.
6. The gift of Christ is all I seek today.
7. Conflicting wishes cannot be my will.
8. This instant is the only time there is.
9. I will not fear to look within today.
10. In fearlessness and love I spend today.
As I come to share the thoughts of God, and begin to see the Real World, my Creator comforts me and shows me the light beyond the darkness I have made. My authenticity blooms in my heart and I see abundance, beauty, truth and safety all around me. My authenticity spontaneously interacts with others in playful creation. I see no conflicts with what is mine to do. I remain in the presence of my Creator and do not fear. Others are attracted to my fearless presence and I share the the abundance all around me. 
We are up to Chapter 27: The Healing of the Dream. We're going to look at Section 5: The Healing Example. It dove=tails so nicely with the lessons. It is asking us to demonstrate in our lives the healing nature of the course's teaching. All of us have experienced this. We have healed relationships, jobs, bodies, careers and much more. We can be this example of the Truth working in our lives. It talks about many problems, one solution. Awakening to our holy nature and innocence dissolves our suffering and gives permission to others to do the same. 

Image One:

Florence Nightingale, Civil War Nurse

Image Two:

Graphic of several, not all, types of substance abuse.

Explanation of Images:

Florence Nightingale offered healing on the Civil War Battlefield. Often she was just present for the suffering of others. By her very presence she offered relief to the suffering soldiers of both sides of the conflict. Our suffering my have different forms, as the second illustration shows, but they have one solution. This present moment has learning that will heal us from our misperceptions. We see what upsets to heal ourselves of this misperception. Our relationship with Holy Spirit will offer us healing we seek. And we automatically give it away by our presence to others.