Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening November 2, 2016

Teachers of God,

Lesson 307

Conflicting wishes cannot be my will.

Father, Your Will is mine, and only that. There is no other will for me to have. Let me not try to make another will, for it is senseless and will cause me pain. Your Will alone can bring me happiness, and only Yours exists. If I would have what only You can give, I must accept Your Will for me, and enter into peace where conflict is impossible. Your Son is one with You in being and in will, and nothing contradicts the holy truth that I remain as You created me.

And with this prayer we enter silently into a state where conflict cannot come, because we join our holy will with God's, in recognition that they are the same.

We are up to the end of Chapter 27! Can you believe it? Soon we'll be starting all over again!!! We're are learning how important other people are in our development and enlightenment! They help us see the light and help us deal with the dark too. Did you know we're stronger because of our mistakes with others? Do you know that healing those places actually creates the foundation that lights up the world? That's what we're going to talk about this week. How excited are you to see your friends? 

small white daisy flowers photo (1).jpg



Image One: daisy flower: stock photo

Image Two: Kintsukorai: repairing a broken bowl with gold.

Explanation of Images: When we find out what it is we are to do in the world is like finding out what kind of flower we are and what kind of bloom and fruit we produce. We are actually helping others do that as well. It’s a healing action. When we repair and restore ourselves we actually hold testament to healing itself. Our lives are repaired and we actually become a better version of ourselves. We are better than we were before. And we begin to see others in this way as well. We see others as about to bloom and fruit, we see others healing and become better people. We support this work in others and they support it in ourselves. We are the bearers of light and fertility in our communities because we are participating with what is. It’s easy and fun and worth doing.