Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening November 12, 2014

Teachers of God,
We're in the last 60 Days of the year. Things are getting deep, y'all! If you're following the lessons, you know that we're on the 'The Last Judgement" as in....what is it? The Course Says: "The final judgment on the world contains no condemnation. For it sees the world as totally forgiven, without sin and wholly purposeless." and "This is God's Final Judgment: "You are still My holy Son (CHILD), forever innocent, forever loving and forever loved, as limitless as your Creator, and completely changeless and forever pure." Not Bad! I'll take that! Forever Loving and Forever Loved!! We fear that we're not going to measure up, but it's not true. We are uniquely able to do what it is for us to do. We'll do the review next week as we end the section. 
We're going to do 'The Hero of the Dream" from Chapter 27: The Healing of the Dream. It's one of the most frequently quoted chapters in all the Course. And one of the passages that are used to hurt ourselves and others. There is a world to experience and that is what we have bodies for. But we don't act like it. We use our bodies to pursue pleasure and comfort and social status instead. That never leads to the real world. Do you know that you are my hero/ine? Do you know you are on a heroic mission to do what it is you need to do? God needs your unique self expression. Period. Are you willing to be the hero of your life and your dreams? 

A Course In Miracles

Chapter 27: The Healing of the Dream

Section VIII: The “Hero” of the Dream





Image One:

Detail of Samurai Under Mt. Fuji: Watercolor by Suiun


Image Two:

Stock Photo: Burmese Monks


Explanation of Images:

Materialism says that we exist only as bodies for a short while seeking pleasure and avoiding pain. But we know that we’re not limited to bodies, right? Our bodies are the ‘central figure’ in our lives. Who’s this hero who dreams of a body? This is our adventure in material form, you know. It’s not a punishment for a mistake we made. It’s the expression of God’s Love in form. That’s us. We can ride boldly into our life with confidence and joy in what is ours to experience without evaluation, or we can take as goal to maximize the pleasure and minimize the pain.  We’re the ones as Gods that are creating it all, you know. We only suffer when we don’t know who’s we are and what we’re doing. Don’t be fooled into believing the world is happening to you. Know that you are happening to the world. Laugh. It’s not supposed to taken so seriously.