Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening November 11, 2015






Teachers of God,
Welcome to the Second Coming! 
I will not fear to look within today.
Within me is eternal innocence, because it is God's Will that it be there
forever and forever. To look within is but to find my will as She created it, and as it is. I fear to look within because I think I made another will that is not true, and made it real. Within me is the Holiness of my Creator. Within me is the memory of God.
The step I take today is my sure release from idle dreams. Your altar stands serene and undefiled. It is the holy altar to my Self, and there I find my true Identity.
​Finding out who are in Truth is an exciting task. It's full of fear at first, but quickly gives way to the Joy of Discovery. Untouchable Beauty and Innocence is found in our Self/Our Altarheart. 
When we do 'find ourselves' we cease blaming others for our lives and the circumstances of our lives. We take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions. We're finishing at Chapter 27: The Healing of the Dream. ​We're going to look at The Dreamer of the Dream. Who/What gets it so wrong that we blame others, attack others, or belittle ourselves? How can we learn to see ourselves and others correctly, i.e. as they are? 




Image One: Child in a temper tantrum. (stock image)


Image Two: Dreaming by Grazie Von Edder

Explanation of Images: We often find ourselves mad at the world and they way others treat us. We blame others for the way we feel and the way we experience the world. Until we take responsibility for our thoughts and feelings this will be the case. It’s not good to suddenly wake someone up from a nightmare; it’s more frightening. We don’t create reality, we choose how we experience it with our opinions, beliefs and actions. We don’t create how others experience reality either, but we could support the conditions for waking in ourselves and others. We’re always making choices about the world we want to experience. And we are always choosing our feeling, thoughts and actions based on the way we experience our lives. We must be present to the choices we’re making.