Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening- May 28, 2014

Teachers of God,
For 10 days, every waking hour, the Course asks us to repeat: My mind holds only what I think with God. This is the first time the review has a theme. This is one of three themed reviews as we wind up the last forty unique lessons. At that time we'll be half way done with the year. My mind holds only what I think with God. The operative word there is 'holds'. I am real. God is real. God made the reality that I experience in this body as Her Child. My will is God's will in Truth, right? All my loving thoughts are real. I'm co-creating the expansion of Love in the here and now. Or I'm trying to hold on to something that does not actually exist, like my suffering and my ego and my scintillating opinion of how I think everything should operate. Are we holding onto reality, which is not painful, or trying to hold on to an illusion, which is the definition of suffering? My mind holds only what I think with God. Let go of the crap, it's gone. Your mind is a holy place full of the thoughts we're thinking with God.

We're on Chapter 14! (Finally.....after three weeks dealing with guilt! Ugh! Let's move on, right?) Chapter 14 is called: Teaching for Truth. It's 30 pages so we'll only be here a couple of weeks. It starts with a great idea that we've been exploring a lot these days. One of the ways I talk about A Course In Miracles is that it is fantastic container for our awakening to the Peace of God. And that's how the chapter starts: The Conditions of Learning. Begin to act on our true nature and we begin to build the container for our awakening. A blessing, we must admit, costs us nothing. Appreciation costs us nothing. It is our inner nature that we can rely upon. We cannot learn that, because we are that. Can a cat learn how to be a cat? Can a mosquito learn to be a mosquito? Who we are cannot be learned. We have to learn other ways of being, which aren't true and authentic. We could be using our learning ability to learn the things and activities that excite our passion in the world. Either we're learning how to be someone else or we're learning how to of service in this world.

The Course In Miracles

Chapter 14: Teaching for Truth

The Conditions of Learning


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We have remarkable qualities as the Children of God. We contain the raw ingredients for own awakening and the healing of the planet, even our families and communities. We were forged by the past and our experiences to be incredible, unique, beautiful people bursting with love from our authentic presence. This presence is within us and it is the Power of Truth. Have we looked for the our treasure within us? Do we look for the treasure inside others or in the essence of a relationship or place? Or do we focus on one small area and make that the whole picture? We can use the inner view to widen our outer view. When we act from the treasure within, the view of our world and our place in it widens to include all beings. A spyglass is good for some things, but its not the whole picture. The voice within can show us the whole picture.