Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening May 27, 2015














Teachers of God,

We're in another review. We have a few to go as we underline these importantant foundation stones in our minds and combine them in new ways. It's important not to skip these reviews as they reveal connections that we may otherwise miss. 
We're on to Chapter 14 this week. We'll be here next week too, so dig in! Chapter 14 is called the Teaching for Truth. We're looking at the section called Your Function in the Atonement. Here we find our Creator ready to anoint us on the path. There comes a time in our journey in which our path is sanctioned. We accept fully what it is for us to and accept it as a blessed and holy thing. It's the end of Pentacost in the Christian Calendar, so it's no surprise that we find it here in our study of the Course In Miracles. Accepting our place is one way that the Holy Spirit offers the experience of Atonement. Isn't it interesting that we can accept others when we're doing our thing? When we're evaluating others we get in trouble, when we're busy in the flow of our unique expressions things just seem to work out. 

A Course in Miracles

Chapter 14: Teaching for Truth

Your Function in the Atonement

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Image One: Baptism by Fire. Artist Unknown


Second Image: Awkward Family Portrait #14. Photographer Unknown


Explanation of Images: Our strengths and passions are within us. We are compelled by our passions and vision toward greater expression of authentic selves. One could say we’re ‘On Fire’ for a cause. We will come to a place in our journey that our gifts, talents, and abilities will be sanctioned and dedicated to waking up and participating in Oneness. Today we dedicate ourselves to what it is ours to do. We accept the humility of that calling to be authentic and accept the real blessing of our Creator and Family. I act on that blessing and go confidently forward. We often get egotistic ideas about our calling. Don’t be fooled. You are holy, your mission was created by God. You’ll never be happy pursuing anything else. Accepting your anointing for this path that is yours to do. The path before is blessed. It’s easy to be ourselves. We’ve been through too much not to. The world is starving for our holy presence.