Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening March 9, 2016

Teachers of God,
We've completed the first review and are beginning the next stage as we place the foundation upon the 50 Corner​stones. We are building the Altar of the Heart were the Kingdom of the World meets the Kingdom of Heaven. 

Lesson 69

My grievances hide the light of the world in me.

No one can look upon what your grievances conceal. Because your grievances are hiding the light of the world in you, everyone stands in darkness, and you beside him. But as the veil of your grievances is lifted, you are released with him. Share your salvation now with him who stood beside you when you were in hell. He is your brother in the light of the world that saves you both.​
​Today we're on the first section Chapter 7: The Gifts of the Kingdom. We are setting intentions in this chapter. What do you want? Who do you want to be, where do want to go? What do you want to learn and why you don't already see it in you life. ​


​The short answer is conflict and it's attractive lure. It's a major sub theme i
n ACIM. And she brings this up in a big way in Section VI: From Vigilance to Peace. How does it feel to  be on guard from Evil? How does it feel to defend Peace? ​How much do we need to know about insanity and violence? What can do and participate in to learn about the peace and love that is supposedly already here? Why aren't I more at peace? 



First Image: Apple Tree stock image

Second Image: Two Kingdoms stock image

Explanation of Images: We are our Parents’ child, no matter how hard we fight it, that cannot be changed. We are are creative, unique expressions of this Wholeness. We get caught up in our differences, our talents, and the pace of our development, spiritual and physical. We compare our lives with others, we create levels of meaning and value that aren’t true and now have to be defended. The interesting thing is that we do live in both worlds, the Kingdom of Heaven and this world of form, sound and light. They actually aren’t in conflict, but we keep looking for a way to go war. Each Kingdom contains the experience of the other. How we relax into this truth is how we we learn to grow into the Child of God we are. We don’t need to fight, defend or attack, we must learn to see ourselves everywhere, as both Kingdoms.