Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening March 25, 2015

Teachers of God,
We're back! We're in a review right now, our second of six. We're mortaring the previous 60 Lessons. 50 Cornerstones and 10 of the first 100 Foundation Stones. We're learning of the light that undoes our Ego. 
We're on the last few pages of Chapter 8. Last week's lesson (you read it, right?) was about our Treasure. Once we know that, or at least able to entertain the thought that we've can have what we want (not a small favor, I assure you), we come to the body. What is that for? What is it? What's it got to do with our Treasure? As on any Hero's Journey, we first set upon the path and get a guide, or companion to accompany us. Then we find out what we've got to accomplish, accept the task and then what? We get a vehicle! We get a winged horse, a magic cape, a giant bird will swoop down and take us to where we need to go. That's our body. But that's not what we usually do. We usually don't use the body as it's intended. We keep it sick and small and ineffective to accomplish what we need it to. We could be using our bodies differently you know. What is your relationship to your body? Would you like a healthy relationship? 

A Course in Miracles

Chapter 7: The Gifts of the Kingdom

Section VI: From Vigilance to Peace



Image One: King chess piece of the Isle of Lewis chess set (1200) walrus

Image Two: ‘Conscious Life’ graphic for PC Wallpaper

Explanation of Images: Kings are the masters of their Kingdoms, as are we the masters of our own lives. The Course refers this part of ourselves as ‘the thinker’, the ‘decision-maker’ and ‘decider’. We are always aligning ourselves to the Truth or illusions. We are either accepting as advisor, friend and confidant the Holy Spirit or the ego. The ego doesn’t like us and knows it’s around as long we don’t suspect what it’s up to. Our thoughts are that powerful. We are deciding what the world is and what happens. We are co-creating a world of joy and expansive love and awareness or we are experiencing our own fears of loss and preferred methods of suffering. Claim your nature as a power Ruler! Claim your divine space of Light in the Mind of God. Decide for Joy!