Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening- March 19, 2014

Teachers of God,

Here we are well into the second set of lessons in the Course. And we've moved into the greater world. How do our thoughts create the world we're in? If we're beginning to understand how our mind operates, which is what the first 50 Lessons are about, then the next 150 are about combining these concepts to shape the world we want to experience. So we're looking at how grievances, salvation and light work together. Do you know the difference between a tool and a goal? Our goal is to experience ourselves as Light. We use the tool of salvation, an experience of wholeness, to undo our concept of a grievance. Are we still mad at the world?

The Lessons for this week are:

71. Only God's plan for salvation will work.

72. Holding grievances is an attach on God's plan for salvation.

73. I will there be light.

74. There is no will but God's

75. The light has come.

76. I am under no law but God's.

77. I am entitled to miracles.

78. Let miracles replace all grievances.


Our life and happiness cannot be forced. The Truth works and always works. When we want something other than that
we discover our grievances. Attacking the world and ourselves destroys our ability to experience our Light. When we set down the grievances we are open to seeing the very attractive force of Truth. The law is here for our happiness. The law shows how to participate in the miracle of our happiness and this joyous existence. Using the tools of the law we can replace the grievances we find with miracles. We are Light continually occurring. That is the Law.

We're in Chapter 8 again this week. We're looking at the The Body as a means of Communication. We tell other people about what we believe with our bodies. What do we tell ourselves about our bodies?

What do we think they're for? God is trying to show us how to use our bodies
to create the experiences we so desperately want. There are experiences that we want to have because we have bodies.

We are not alone in this either. We are looking for others to participate and want to participate in others' happiness experiences too, right?

A Course in Miracles

Text - Chapter 8

The Journey Back

The Body as a Means of Communication


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RKO Radio Network Logo circa 1945



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Example of Partner Yoga from Shutterstock

Explanation of Images:

What is your body for? What is the body of our neighbor for? What messages do we listen to that tell us about the body and how it’s supposed to look and act and behave? What messages are we sending out to others? Are we listening to the Voice for Truth and Joy tell us what to do and how to act and take care of them? Our bodies are communication devices that are always broadcasting our beliefs and ideas to the greater world. We can use our bodies to reinforce our belief in loss and suffering and punishment or we can teach that bodies are about sharing and expanding what we know with others. We are skilled communicators and cooperate well with others. This participation and exchange causes such joy to be experienced by ourselves and everyone around us. Play together or attach each each other, those are our choices.