Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening March 15, 2017

‚ÄčTeachers of God,
68. Love Holds No Grievances
69. My Grievances His the Light of the World in Me.
70. My Salvation comes from Me.
71. Only God's Plan for Salvation will Work.
72. Hold Grievances is an Attack on God's Plan for Salvation.
73. I will There be Light.
‚Äč74. There is no Will but God's.
We're moving toward completing the first 100 Lessons. And we've come through a section on grievances and salvation. Turns out its a decision that I make. I choose to be grieved, I choose my salvation too. Lots of responsibility there. Don't worry. We worry too much, you know. You already know how to be you. You feel bad when you're not being you. So learn to do that really well. That's your salvation. Grievances are where we've given our happiness to others.
We move on to Chapter Seven! It'a about introducing the teacher. The Voice that Likes YOU!!! Chapter 7 is called the Gifts of the Kingdom. That's the present moment you know. It's where we can interact with the truth, or what is true, or what works. What works is behaving according to your own integrity. Do what is ours to do. It'll be about sharing what you know with others. Sharing the stuff you did well and the stuff you did poorly. 
Join us every Wednesday at 2067 Broadway on the 5th Floor in the Carmen Room. We laugh, sing and practice presence with each other. We need to hear from you. Come share your understanding, strength with us. 
In Gratitude,
Glen & Yolanda
P.S. Join us March 19th from 3-5pm at Sidewalk Cafe (94 Avenue A) for CHURCH WITH A 2 DRINK MINIMUM! It's a special night as we have some Interfaith Students from North Carolina joining us. It's Important!! 

First Image: The Juggler 1890 by the Drake Brothers

Second Image: Stream and Bridge in Sparta, Wisconsin by P. Batty

Explanation of Images: We, each of us, has many talents, interests and passions and yet none of them is more us than another. We are good at some and better at others, but if we’re conscious, we’re using all our wits to support our happiness and the happiness of others. To do them well, to use them properly, we must give them over to a force that knows how to hone them for our good. Your unique collection of gifts is put together for a very specific purpose and we must learn to juggle all the thoughts, ideas, passions and directions we want to go. There is no hurry, though we don’t wait. We know that all these talents are in one service. They are in the service of oneness and wholeness. We’re always combining and integrating together becoming a greater force for good, like streams that come together to become a mighty river. We even join with others, with the truth and with the Holy Spirit as one. We are gathering force and strength for what is ours to do.