Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening- March 12, 2014

Teachers of God,

We're into the next set of of lessons. Here we find the brick and mortar to our temple. We have the cornerstones and will begin to build a solid foundation in which to build our heart structure.

65. My only function is the one God gave me.

66. My happiness and my function are one.

67. Love created me like itself.

68. Love holds no grievances.

69. My grievances hold the light of the world from me.

70. My Salvation comes from me.

71. Only God's plan for Salvation will work.

I am a vital part of God's plan for peace. I have a gift that valuable to the world. When I exercise that gift I find happiness. I encounter my true nature when I develop my talents, gifts and passions. I am grateful to my Creator for sharing these gifts with me. I am the only one who determines how my gifts are expressed in the world. I am responsible for my passions and my dreams. I will be liberated from grief and anxiety when when I follow my inner guidance in their pursuit. Doing God's will as my function in the world is my will and shows me that I am safe, loved and powerful. When I feel that way I am ready, willing and able to do what it is my Creator would have me do. I am fulfilled exercising my passions and gifts as the will of my Creator in service to my brother.

We are on Chapter 8 this week and will look at the introduction. What is the Curriculum of this Course? Now that we're 8 chapters into it, we are ready to talk about some distinguishing characteristics of those that will be fruitful in this endeavor.  There is a discussion of Knowledge vs Peace and their relationship. Which comes first in our awareness? Why do we think that is so? What is the curriculum of the world? What does the world want from us

A Course in Miracles
Text - Chapter 8
The Journey Back
The Direction of the Curriculum

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First World War Irish recruitment poster. Artist Unknown


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Sharp Right Turn Sign ahead. Common Rights GIF


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There is always the temptation to ‘fight back’. We hear that song of what we should’ve said and what we should’ve done. We sign up for workshops that will prepare us to be more assertive and proactive. As long as we’re seeking a strategy over a way of being we’re operating from the ego’s perspective. When we decide that we don’t want those chosen results we make another decision. We decide for peace. We leave the battle and go home. It can be quite difficult, as I’m sure you know. We have favorite battlefields where we meet family, co-workers, and politicians. Do we know that each of them are essential to our peace? We can look at our thinking and see the results? Are we ready for peace? We have a right mind that is ready and willing to accept us as we are, right now. Angry, lonely and tired. The battle could be over. Peace is here, now.