Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening- June 4, 2014

‚ÄčTeachers of God,
The final forty bricks for our foundation are coming into place. We've completed the fourth review and have two more to go before we start placing rooms upon our 50 Cornerstones and 150 Foundation stones. The reviews are the much needed mortar we place the stones securely in our foundational activity. The first cornerstone is 'Nothing I see means anything.' But we see on lesson 151 it says: All things are echos of the Voice for God.' All things have no meaning because they are echos of what is real, not reality itself. We are real. God is real. Peace is real. The world is only able to reflect us, and that's very useful, but it doesn't have inherent meaning. In other words: Is a pen a pen if has no more ink? Or is it now just shaped like a pen? Is a computer a computer if it doesn't come on? Or does it become a a giant paperweight?
The Lessons we're looking at this week are:

151. All things are echos of the Voice for God.
152. The power of decision is my own.
153. In my defenselessness my safety lies.
154. I am among the ministers of God.
155. I will step back and let Him lead the way.

I see myself in all things, in all beings, and in all places. The meaning I give them is up to me. I make the choice about what to see and what meaning I give it. I have no need to defend the truth, because it reflects my true and glorious nature as the Child of God. I am safe because echos and reflections cannot harm me. I teach this perspective to everyone by living according to the Will of God: which is my perfect happiness. I have a purpose in this world to expand the experience of Love, Peace, Joy, Truth and Knowledge. I am willing to learn what is for me to do. I make the decision to let the One Who Knows the way make decisions for my undreamable happiness.

A Course in Miracles

Text - Chapter 14

Teaching for Truth

The Holy Meeting Place



Image One:

Scary Door by SuperDude on Deviant Art.


Image Two:

Wooden Nickels from Silver Dollar City, Branson Missouri


Explanation of Images:

We tether our glory with the untrue beliefs we have about ourselves. And we are so frightened to let anyone know, much less Holy Spirit, that we are frightened and angry or sad and hurt. We are no less God than God, and neither is anyone else. Guilt is the belief that keeps our glorious nature from our awareness. We can open the doors to the dark rooms where we keep our favorite guilty tortures, and let the light of God, our timeless selves, illuminate our mistaken beliefs and guilt. We cannot be fooled in truth, we know it when we see it and experience it. We know when we are slipping behind dark doors, when we’re honest we can admit that. Walk in the Light with all Beings. Don’t accept any guilt, or any wooden nickels from anyone, but don’t hand them out either. Our glory awaits when we accept ourselves and this moment exactly as it is. And Heaven is here. Now to be experienced.