Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening June 3, 2015

​Teachers of God,
We're just past the 150 day marker. We're up to 154! How are you doing? We're moving into the halfway point where we'll turn and explore the gifts we've been given. 
We're looking at the second half of Chapter 14 this week. The chapter is called Teaching for Truth and it's all about acknowledging the darkness. What is not truth. We are ready to enter the cave! On this hero's journey we enter the cave and confront our fears. Our fear of others, ourselves and the Light. Truth is we're all there is. Truth is there is no threat. But try telling that to your frightened self. It's okay to be afraid and worried. We don't act on it though. We know that we are supported and loved and seen. See your brother and friend take your hand and go with you. Lay down your need to lead, be superior and​ strong. It doesn't work in the dark. Only the truth works. Know that you have it when you exclude no one from the happiness you seek.

A Course in Miracles

Chapter 14: Teaching for Truth

Section IX: The Holy Meeting Place




Image One: Cave of Melody, Scotland


Image Two: Chalk Caves of Chislehurst, UK

Explanation of Images: Every one of us has to enter the darkness of our own minds. We do this willingly, but not without some fear. We must be willing to enter the deep places of our mind. We are willing to confront the guilt and shame we carry about about the world, our brothers and ourselves. We enter this darkness and find our brothers there. We find the wholeness of Creation there. But we cannot reach the altar of peace without letting go of the darkness. The truth is what we seek. The Truth is revealed to us when we place our guilt, shame and petty concerns on the altar and give up trying to be right. What happens is we are returned to power. We embody the ease of our perfect and authentic glory. Don’t be afraid of the light. To find it go into the dark.