Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening June 17, 2015

‚ÄčTeachers of God!
We're rounding toward the middle of the year. We start to turn toward the second half of the year on July first. It's no accident that the focus of the lessons is changing toward statements of being rather than illuminating error. There is one life that I share with God. Lesson ‚Äč167. In Chapter 14 it says, Life if God. We're beginning to piece together what the Course is talking about as our identities and how the idea of 'non-duality' works in our lives. Non-dual means 'not two'. We're not you and me, we're we. We're life. The life you feel connected to in a tree or a stream, and the life we feel reflected in the stars. This moment is our experience of it. 
We're looking in on Chapter 15 this week. It's a long chapter, so it's possible we'll be here for the next two weeks! So what chapter could be this long? It's called the Holy Instant. I hope you get the joke. (The Holy Instant lasts....FOREVER!) Most often the Holy Instant is described as the encounter with another life form. Well in this week's lesson we'll talk about it as the moment of relationship between us and our special person. This special person could be a relative (most often are), could be a romantic relationship, and that's not all. We're creating these special relationships all the time and we need to understand the difference between how an ego (or society's blanket of conformity), and how the Holy Spirit would use a relationship. Do we value relationships? It's where we feel alive, right? What are some of the ways we can learn to have healthy relationships and not 'special' ones? Come find out.

A Course in Miracles

Chapter 15: The Holy Instant

Section V: The Holy Instant and Special Relationships






Explanation of Images: We bring the ego into everything we do, but that is not a problem. We learn to avoid what we do not want and try to manipulate others to create the pleasure we do want. We actually crave love and the presence of others: a reflection of atonement, not guilt. Fearing others reveals our guilt. We attribute special powers to those we endow with power of pleasure. Our Guide can use these relationships to show us the love of God, the peace of this moment and our true selves. We are allies in the awakening of others as they are ours. If we don’t see them as allies, fellow children of God, then we treat them like tools, objects to be used for our pleasure purposes. Our relationships are key to our greater experience of Reality. Sharing and Learning are the process.