Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening- June 11, 2014

Teachers of God,

After guilt and forgiveness we come upon​ Miracles and blessings! We are quickly approaching the half year mark where we will secure our foundation of truth and build this altar. The lessons are fairly long now because we're combining many concepts together. The lessons are building on each other as you would expect. 
This week we are working with:
156. I walk with God in perfect Holiness.
157. Into His Presence I would enter now.
158. Today I learn to give as I received.
159. I give the Miracles I have received. 
​160. I am at home. Fear is the stranger here.
161. Give me your blessing, Holy Son of God.
​162. ​I am as God created me.
I am never alone and friendless, God walks with me. We walk in a sweet cloud of perfect Holiness. I am holy and not alone because I am in the Holy Presence of the Oneness, of which I am part. I have been given this holy presence to extend to others in the creation that do not yet know it consciously. I give my holiness  away as it was given to me. Miracles are my currency and calling card. I am known by my miracles, they follow me wherever I go, blessing me and all of creation. Fear runs  from me, I do not know fear. the world, the whole living creation leans toward me in a perpetual blessing. I return the blessing and appreciate my place in creation. I am as God created me, and I am grateful for exactly how that is today. And I am grateful for how God created you. 
We're winding up Chapter 14: Teaching for Truth: Section XII The Test of Truth. How do we know if we're living the Truth? What is your relationship to the past? How much of the past runs our lives? How much to we cultivate our 'child like' minds? Zen calls this 'beginner's mind'. Are we willing to be taught? Or are we stubbornly clinging to the past and the promises of happiness that are gone? We have all before us right now to awaken and be glad. All the cooperative components for our full and miraculous awakening is before us right now in this moment. How well do we act as One Creation? Are we close to fear than love? The Truth is a very attractive force that acts nothing of us,  except that we bring nothing to it. Nothing can be added to us, or the Truth. It's to be realized and acted upon. 

A Course in Miracles

Text - Chapter 14

Teaching for Truth

The Test of Truth










Image One:

Lecumberri Prison in Mexico: A women prison, now a research facility.


Image Two:

The molting pattern of birds. Stock photo


Explanation of Images:

The past is a prison we have placed ourselves, our families and the world. It’s one we have to choose to maintain. We will leave our past understanding in the past if we give the prison to Holy Spirit. Are we willing to leave the safety of what we have learned into the present where we experience the unique Glory of the Atonement? We are meant to grow and change here. It’s reflected in our bodies, minds and ideas. It’s even seen in the evolution of our communities. The old, the past, actually sloughs from us naturally. Every living creature sheds the past. Every creature, molts, sheds, sloughs or replaces themselves in some way. It’s healthy. It’s not healthy to hold to the past or past ideas about who we’re supposed to be. We are saved for glory. Enter into the moment, far from the guard towers of the prisons we’ve made to keep us safe.