Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening June 10, 2015

Teachers of God,
In Lesson 157 it says: Into His Presence I would enter Now. "Your body will be sanctified today, its only purpose being now to bring the vision of what you experience this day to light the world. We cannot give experience like this directly. Yet it leaves a vision in our eyes which we can offer everyone, that he may come the sooner to the same experience in which the world is quietly forgot, and Heaven is remembered for a while." We're turning a bit in the lessons. We're taking all the inward direction and placing ourselves right here, right now. There is a physical aspect to it. Can you feel it? 
We're looking at the first half of Chapter 15: The Holy Instant and looking into the 2nd section, the End of Doubt. Did you know that you can only doubt in the past? Did you know that you can only fear in the past? Did you know that when you're mad at someone you're trying to live in the past. It's not actually possible to chain up a brother there, but we think we can. There is a gift in the present. Our holiness and wholeness and the discovery of our truest selves. And only in the present is how we share that with others and how we experience others. 

A Course in Miracles

Chapter 15: The Holy Instant

Section II: The End of Doubt



Image One: Harry Houdini in Chains circa 1899


Image Two: Presents (stock image)

Explanation of Images: When we are not present we wrap ourselves in the chains of the past. When we refuse to see others in the present we chain them to the past. We must unbind ourselves and practice escaping those chains. Eternity is here, now. The truth we seek is here now. Seeking is a form of binding. There is no where to go. Strength is here. We have the strength to unbind ourselves from past ways of being and past ways of seeing. There is no authenticity outside of this present moment. In fact, the gift of our authenticity is awaiting us in the present. It can be found nowhere else. Our brother can be met in this eternal space outside of time. Others hold our gift of wholeness holding it to us, just as we hold the gift for our brother. I accept my gifts from God today and enjoy Heaven NOW. I accept the gift of my brother in this eternal flow.