Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening: July 31, 2014

Teachers of God,

We're on the final ten days of our foundation. Are you enjoying saying "I am not a body, I am free. I am still has God created me." ? I learn something different each time I go through these lessons. They become more and more meaningful to me. I'm hearing 'STILL' this  time. I'm still as God created me. I have always been and will always remain. I don't need to worry about my identity so much. Or even worry about maintaining it. An Oak has zero ability to be a Sycamore. Zero. Doesn't even have to try to an oak. No matter where it grows it'll be an  oak. If it's a bonsai or lives in an open field, or a deep forest, it'll always be an oak. I am still God's child. No matter what happens or what I think happens. 
We're on the final part of Chapter 18. The Passing  of the Dream. We're going to look at a rather famous passage in the course. It's one that is taught/read a lot. It's called 'The Little Garden' and it's about the appropriate way to look at and be in relationship with our bodies. Sometimes our bodies frighten us. Sometimes someone else's body we find frightening. We want to protect our body and pursue other bodies as well. We take pleasure in them, punish them, but they are merely reflections of a part of us. How much of our identities have we placed  in our bodies? How much of our friends  and family's identities have we associated with their bodies? It's easy to do. There is a great deal of encouragement to do exactly that. ​We are  thirsty for connection and collaboration, but find it difficult when we're chopped off and separated from  the rest of the world. Maybe we're not. What happens when we loosen our grip on identity? How is that reflected in the world? We can can share our whole  selves with each other if we know  who we are, we have limited abilities to share our bodies because they are limited. We aren't. Bodies are great, but they are not the whole story.
A Course in Miracles
Text - Chapter 18
The Passing of the Dream
The Little Garden

Image One:

photograph by Klaus Enrique Arcimboldo in the style of his ancestor, Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s famous painting of Vertumnus in 1590.

Image Two:

Crescent Lake or Crescent Spring outside of Dunhuang, China in the Gobi Desert; a 2000 year old Oasis.

Explanation of Images:

One of the open secrets about A Course In Miracles is that the whole world is our body. We see ourselves reflected all around us. You are what you eat, as they say. When we believe we are our limited little bodies we create a wall around a little kingdom that’s called ‘ours’. It must be defended and propped up and marketed as well. The connection to all that is and the love and acceptance we crave is not lost but we just cannot see it. Once we let others in and connect again with the spirit that animates us all, our dry little kingdom becomes an oasis of love and acceptance.