Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening- July 31, 2013

Teachers of God,
We are in the midst of the most profound turn in the year. Are you enjoying the review? I am not a body. for twenty days, twice a day. How does that jive with today's lesson that I have a function, that God would have me fill? Don't I need a body for that? No. But we need a body to feel it, to translate it into a sensual experience. My function feels good! All things are lessons that God would have me learn. Do I need a body for that? No, but I do need a body to imprint these lessons upon, to shape, like a sculpture. Is your life an artistic expression? Are we interested in all this existence and this unique experience has to offer? Most aren't you know. Most want the usual fair. I want unique self expression and authenticity. I have a special function after all. So do you. Don't sell yourself short of the vision of God that would have you experience the perfect sensual world of Reality that awaits those who are willing to be in this moment and learn of it. 

We're back in Chapter 18 in one of the longest chapters in the book. Don't worry, I'll not read the whole thing to you. It's good though and I hope you'll read it. The Chapter is called 'The Passing of the Dream" and we're on the last chapter. In a sense, the whole chapter is the 'alter call'. What does that mean? The course uses the word dreaming a lot and compares us to children a lot, but in this final chapter we are mountain climbers! We are approaching the summit, folks...We start down the other side next week, but right now, in this height of power of the ascending male, we are cresting at the top of the mountain. With every week we move toward the descending female from here on out. So we'll look at the chapter called 'The Two Worlds'. There is a world that is okay, safe and fulfilling, right? Do we believe that?

Image One:

Child in the rain.

Image Two:

Mountain rising above the clouds.

Explanation of Images:

The Course offers us the idea that there are two worlds for us to consciously inhabit. One is below the clouds and the other is above the clouds. Under the clouds we believe we cannot go further than the clouds. The Course tells us that we can if are willing to be led, willing to give up our ideas about the truth: practice forgiveness.  When do we experience the healing rain of grace and reach the mountaintop. Then we can consciously descend the mountain and lead others up, through the clouds.