Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening: July 24, 2014

Teachers of God,
We're in a review of the Lessons putting the final mortar on our extensive foundation of concepts. For 20 Days we will repeat 'I am not a body, I am free. I am as God created me.' This lesson is repeated more than any other lesson in Course. It has great significance because it is the primary obstacle to our experiencing and operating from the Truth. How much of our subconscious thinking tells us we're bodies. That's the exercise. I am not a body. I am free. I am as God created me.

We're looking at Chapter 18: The Passing of the Dream. We're looking at Section V: The Happy Dream. In the cosmology of the Course this is the place where all is well and God snatches you into heaven. Ever in a good mood where everything just went your way? Trains arrived, boons fell from the sky, and everyone was glad to see you? As we begin to see ourselves differently and act on the lessons contained in the Course our lives improve. Sometimes they difficult for a bit, but we see peace under it all and begin to believe the peace more than we believe the chaos. Are we acting on the Peace more than the illusions and wishes? If we are then the Happy Dream arrives. We enter into conscious relationship with all that is. We see others as essential to our being and our peace. We become grateful for life itself and full of wonder. The Happy Dream reveals Heaven here, now, available to all. We offer our peaceful presence to the world and others so that we can expand our relationship with​ God to all Beings.

A Course In Miracles

Chapter 18: The Passing Dream

Section V: The Happy Dream


Image One:

Jacob’s Ladder by William Blake Pencil & Watercolor 1806


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Sibling Rivalry: Stock Photo


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We can share this precious moment with others because we share it with God. We didn’t create it, but we do experience the wholeness of our selves and others when we enter into relationship. In our relationship with God is the experience here on Earth, materially and sensually of the ‘happy dream’. We have a lot in common with others, right? They’re searching for the same thing/idea/experience we are, right? Can we be present with what is unchangeable in each other? There are others who are interested in our peace and fulfillment as we support the authenticity in others. Then why so much conflict? Because we forget that we’re looking at ourselves. Only ever looking at ourselves. The more perspectives that consciously join in the goal of peace the more the ‘happy dream’ will reflect the perfect wholeness and peace that we actually are. I need you and you need me. There is no way around this. And that’s a good thing!