Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening- July 17, 2013

Teachers of God,

We are about to complete our foundation in A Course In Miracles. The final five bricks in our foundation will be laid this week.

The Final Five:

It can be but myself I crucify.
It can be but my Gratitude I earn.
Only my condemnation injures me.
I am not a body. I am Free.
There is no Peace but the Peace of God

Are we taking responsibility for our actions? For our thoughts? Is the world happening to us or are we happening to the world? Most folks think that they are at the mercy of circumstances. What happens to us is a direct result of the way we think and what we believe. Others are condemning me, they are pointing out how I believe I must be condemned. Others are not being violent to me as much as they are showing me where I think I need to be punished. The solution? Invest in gratitude for this moment and those around you, don't condemn anyone and pull your identity out of your body and it's glorification. Choose peace for yourself and others at all times. And you will be free. You want to be free, right?

We're finishing up Chapter 17 this week. We'll look at 'Setting the Goal'. Do you work for the world you want or do you fight others for what they have? Do you know what to do to make the world you want to live in, or is it just sort of a mushy idea....'I want more love in my life.' or 'I don't want to be fat.' Those aren't clear goals. The Holy Spirit is interested in your happiness and would like to help you choose actions that support them. Do you ask or help? Are you trying to do this, learn this, fight for these things? It could be easy, you know. Maybe we could ask for clarity and support?

Image One: Un-Separated Wheat

Image Two:
Fantasy Landscape with Castle

Explanation of Images:
We cannot use wheat without separating out the chaff. Every culture as a method for doing this. It’s the native technology used to feed the population: making bread. The Holy Spirit in this and every  moment can be relied upon to separate truth from illusion; to separate what supports our goals and what doesn’t. If we don’t know what are goals are, or have general sort of fantasies about what our goals contain then we don’t create an adequate means to create what we want. When our means support our clear goals then we can make good choices.