Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening July 15, 2015

Teachers of God;
We're in the middle of the year and we're making the slow turn toward the dark, toward are most inner selves. Right now we're at the height! We're moving and shaking! Are you full of energy and vitality? Are  you excited about your life? Are you participating in your relationships in rich and rewarding ways? That's how we're going to create what we want, you know. We're going to enlist the help and skills of others as they enlist our help. 
We're on Chapter 17. We're going to look at section eight: The Conditions of Peace. Chapter 17 is called Forgiveness and the Holy Relationship. We're going to talk about that bulwark of spiritual practice faith. ACIM has a unique take on it, as I'm sure you're not surprised. In fact it's the key ingredient to the conditions of peace. Does that mean that we have to banish faithlessness? How to experience faith? What's do necessary about it? How is it linked to peace? We are teachers of Peace, you know. Turns out we don't need faith to do that, but we do need the faith of the Holy Spirit and we must be able to hear the call of Truth. And then we're there, doing our thing. We're here actively participating in our good and the life and expression that us. 

A Course in Miracles

Chapter 17: Forgiveness and the Holy Relationship

Section VIII: The Conditions of Peace



Image One: St. Clare of Assisi (1194-1253) First Abbess of the Poor Clares


Image Two: Blowing the Shofar


Explanation of Images: Peace is here, has always been here and will always be present. Our experience, attention and consciousness isn’t always here. We have the natural ability to illuminate this moment with the awareness of our relationship with our brother. The difficulty always is in our faith in ourselves, our oneness and our brother. That faith is given to us as we teach the peace of God as us. We shine the light on this perfect moment for all to enjoy with us in relationship with all that is. We hear the call of our mission, our path and we leap into what is ours to do with the understanding that that we move in relationship in this ever transforming moment. We follow the call, illuminating the path before us for everyone.