Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening January 7, 2015

Teachers of God,
Here we go again. It's a week now into the new year. We're on Lesson 7 and we're learning first about meaning. We jump right in to the deep end of the pool and say 'Nothing I see means anything." Say WHAT? Nope, form doesn't have inherent meaning. Do you know the difference between your opinion and the truth? That's worth looking at, right? Here we go. Doing the lessons is really cool and will change your life. If you want to change, that is. And are grateful of what's going on right now? So with Gratitude and Willingness we begin. 
We're going to in Chapter One (SURPRISE!). It's called The Meaning of Miracles. We're going to look at Section III: Atonement and Miracles. It's rather a central theme, actually. Do you know where Miracles come from? Do  you know what you're here in form to do? Do you know what's standing in your way? Do you want to find out? What about all these other people? What in the WORLD are you going to do about all of them? What is this Atonement? Does it mean I did something bad and have to pay? Find out how to create and participate in miralces! It's only section 3, but packs a whollop! 

A Course In Miracles

Chapter One: The Meaning of Miracles

Section III: Atonement and Miracles



Image One: Knights Templar: Crusades (artist unknown)


Image Two: Chain Links (clip art)


Explanation of Images: We begin the year, preparing our minds for the lessons that Holy Spirit has for us. We practice letting go of the knowledge we think we have, the ideas that are sacred to us in search of the experience of Atonement or Oneness. You are actually prepared for your profession, you know. You have the holiness and grace of God and you can’t get it wrong and you’ll never be done. You are a necessary chain in the God’s chain of being along with all the other living and to be living creatures now and forever. Get busy demonstrating these truths and they will change your life. Practicing the ideas will allow you to authentically express the Atonement. Grace says so.