Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening- January 22, 2014

Teachers of God;

We're on Lesson 22. How are you handling these this time around? Is this your first time, second? Tenth? They will have new significance each year you/we revisit them. I'm excited about sharing these 50 Cornerstones with you. The past week has brought us from Lesson 16 to Lesson 22. 

They are: 

16. I have no neutral thoughts.

17. I see no neutral things.

18. I am not alone in experiencing the effects of my seeing.

19. I am not alone in experiencing the effects of my thoughts.

20. I am determined to see.

21. I am determined to see things differently.

22. What I see is a form of vengeance. 

I have preferences, likes, dislikes, personal pleasures and desires. I reach for what I want and avoid what I do not want. I am a product of my community and share my world with them. My community is effected by my actions, conscious and unconscious. I am determined to learn and follow the Truth. I can make decisions based upon what I know is the Truth. When I don't, I'm in the world of tit for tat, planning and manipulation. My likes and dislikes to not conflict with the Truth, they support it. 

We're reading chapter 3 this week! It's called The Innocent Perception. We'll be looking at Judgement and the Authority Problem. We really want thing to go our way a lot. We practice bad habits, as well as our good ones. There is a plan for each of us here. Not to worry, it's what want to do. We each have a unique and precious expression in this world. Judging gets in the way. "It's not supposed to be like this!" we say. When we step outside of judgement and listen to the Creator that created us this way...well we have a shot at experiencing the fantastic peace and joy we're here to embody. When we don't we just don't see clearly and are back to manipulating and worrying. We don't have to. We can trust what we came here to do. We are fully supported by Universe in this. But we have to give up the idea that we know what it's going to look like. I am determined to see things differently. If you're in pain or stuck this is really good news.

We are preparing for our first GATHERING! It's going to happen February 2nd from 6-9pm. We're offering a simple purification and initiation ceremony for the New Year 2014. There will be music by Rev. Yolanda and Rev. Joelle (Native American Flute) and I'll share some facilitation with Rev. Carolyn. We would really like to have you there. Let us bless the work you are led to do this year.

A Course in Miracles

Text - Chapter 3

The Innocent Perception

Judgment and the Authority Problem

Image One:

Antique jeweled leather book binding.

Image Two:

Foggy Mountain Landscape.

Explanation of Images:

Each of us is a terrifyingly interesting book. We didn’t write this book of our talents and desires, we are reading from it. God wrote this book. We each have a journey that is ours to make in this realm of existence. Our judgement of what that is for us, for others and for the world at large causes us to be unable to fulfill that destiny and experience our full expression of happiness. When we let judgement enter in to our thoughts we see upon a landscape as if through fog. We don’t see very well and require expert guidance. The guidance we seek is clearest when we let go of our judgements of what we’re supposed to do and what others are doing.