Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening January 18, 2017

‚ÄčTeachers of God,
Lesson 12: I am upset because I see a meaningless world.
Lesson 13: A meaningless world engenders fear.
Lesson 14: God did not create a meaningless world. 
Lesson 15: My thoughts are images that I have made. 
‚ÄčLesson 16: I have no neutral thoughts.
Lesson 17: I see no neutral things. 
Lesson 18: I am no t alone in experiencing the effects of my seeing.
We must learn how we think. We must learn and be honest about what we want. We're never alone and our choices affect others, though we wish it might be different. Other's decisions and values do effect how we live and the choices we make. Our task is to take responsibility for the choices we make. Are we making the world we want to live in? 
We're on Chapter three this week. We're going to be talking about the foundation of miracles. It's really the foundations of change. What are you standing on that would allow you to make a meaningful change? What would you need to know to help others make quick work of illusion? What is your connection to creativity and how does that affect the world, your community and your relationships? Can we create together? How do you know if you cannot look clearly at what is before you? 
Join us every Wednesday from 7-9pm at 2067 Broadway in the Carmen Room on the 5th Floor. We laugh, sing and pray together. We practice who we are and the deep presence that we are knowing ourselves to be. We are creatives that are inspired by ACIM. Bring a love offering and help us get the word out. 

First Image:Russian in Siberian Prison (KAT tattoo is abbreviation for “katorjnik,” which means “convict”) unknown photographer/prisoner

Second Image: Opposites by Jeffrey Marcus

Explanation of Images: We may still believe that some part of us is bad and beyond redemption/saving. It’s not true. We’ve always been innocent and we’re learning to see ourselves and others truly as innocent. Darkness doesn’t exist, running from it makes it seem more real. We must learn to see clearly what is before us so we can create what we want. Knowing of our wholeness and innocence allows us to spend less time condemning what what we don’t want. We cannot help others when we can’t see them as ourselves. Change will be happening rapidly for us, we listen to today to what is beyond good and bad to what is true. It’s easier than we think, it’s our nature to create Heaven wherever we go.