Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening January 11, 2017

Teachers of God,
​Lesson 5: I'm never upset for the reason I think.
Lesson 6: I'm upset because I see something that's not there.
Lesson 7: I see only the past.
Lesson 8: My mind is preoccupied with past thoughts.
Lesson 9: I see nothing as it is now.
Lesson 10: My thoughts do not mean anything.
Lesson 11: ​My meaningless thoughts are showing me a meaningless world.
We start chapter 2. We are going to talk about the root of all unhappiness and suffering. Did you know that all the ways we suffer come from one error? Do you know what the consequences for making that error? We create what we don't want. We will be creators because that's how we're made. We are here to express the creativity of the wholeness. If we don't we're going to be miserable. We're not broken or missing necessary pieces. We are expansive beings of light that must join with others to know who we are. 
Come join us as we build the foundations of a healthy spiritual life. We meet at Gigi's at 6 o'clock for coffee and fellowship then go upstairs at 2067 Broadway on the 5th Floor in the Carmen Room. We laugh, meditate, pray, sing and share with each other our deep creative nature. Bring a love offering.

First Image: Broken Toy - stock image

Second Image: Big Bang Graphic - unknown artist

Explanation of Images: Our biggest hurdle to our happiness is the belief that we are flawed, damaged, not enough, broken, etc. It’s never been true. We are creative people that haven’t been creating much but disaster and suffering. Hurt people hurt people. We exist because of the nature of love. Creation is expansion. All things that don’t change are generative. We are too. We can count on our creative nature. We are expanding our influence on the world. Our love actually creates like God created us. We cannot turn ourselves into something we’re not no matter how much we may want to or believe we can. We must do what is ours to do with the talents we have, shaped, colored and gendered as we are. We are the expansive creative child of the divine. We don’t have anything to worry about. If we don’t feel that way we’re projecting our guilt and fear on the world.