Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening February 8, 2017

​Teachers of God,
Lesson 33: There is another way of looking at the world.
Lesson 34: I could see Peace in stead of this.
Lesson 35: My mind is part of God's. I am very Holy.
Lesson 36: My Holiness envelopes everything I see.
Lesson 37: My Holiness blesses the world.
Lesson 38: There is nothing my Holiness cannot do.
Lesson 39: My Holiness is my Salvation.
We're looking into the ego/body connection again this week. We have two essential ways to view our bodies. Our bodies are are our friends or our enemies. We can rely on them as allies, learning devices, information gatherers and processors, hugging devices, etc enemies, betrayers, thieves, liars, difficult children, un-compliant workers, etc​. How this is happens is based on who we think we are. And that's where the ego comes in to tell us how to manage that. Our right minds have something to say about that too. Come to class and learn the difference! 
We laugh, sing, share and practice our presence with each other every Wednesday from 7-9pm @ 2067 Broadway on the 5th Floor in the Carmen Room. We meet a bit early at Gigi's for fellowship,coffee and sharing. come for the Preshow, Come for the class! We'd love to hug on you. Bring a love offering to help with expenses of the room.

Image One: Body House by Scott Campbell

Image Two: Children Reading: Getty Images

Explanation of Images: There are two stories about the bodies we carry in this world. One is that our bodies are us; that our bodies determine our value, purpose and place in the world. The other is that our bodies are learning devices that help us to learn about ourselves and what we are to do in this world. We need our bodies to tell us about how we are out picturing reality so we can examine the beliefs that shape our world. Our senses, skills, feelings and thoughts can be used to express who that is. The ego tells us to seek comfort and privilege as the surest way to happiness. Our right minds tell us that exploring our authentic self expression leads to greater understanding and awareness of reality; which is happiness. We use our bodies today to learn what what this body, this expression of wholeness is to physically do in the world.