Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening February 25, 2015

Teachers of God,
We're in our first review. We're stacking five lessons a day now! Oh My Gawd! Don't worry, it's gets more intense (but not much more). We're learning to combine the lessons and see how each fits with one before it. These are cornerstones, remember? Place them well in your heart. We are building the foundation of the Altar of Your Heart.
We're looking at the first section of Section 7 called The Last Step. Are we still competing for God's love? We are chomping at the bit to create what we want to experience. What's stopping us? Do we work together? Are we trying to do it like someone else? Please know that you already know how to awaken, it's a process of remembering, as the Course tells us. We must learn to act on our authentic selves and stop looking for ways that others cause us difficulty. We can be us. We are creators of the world we experience, along with others. Do you value what you are and what you do? Sharing ourselves with others, our authentic selves is crucial to accomplishing our duty here on earth. 

A Course in Miracles

Chapter 7: The Gifts of the Kingdom

Section I: The Last Step




Image One: Bangladesh Monkey taking care of a Beagle puppy. photographer unknown


Image Two: Authentic Stamp


Explanation of Images: God’s love is forever creating and so we are forever creative. Love is the the creative force. We desire to share ourselves and our lives with others and this expands the presence of God’s love. It expands us and who we are. There is enough joy and happiness and peace for everyone, we don’t need to compete for it, nor is it in short supply. When we know who we are we effortless share this peace and joy with all beings. We are the Children of God and there is no substitute for our presence or place in this world. The Holy Spirit can help us express this joy. It is ours to do as we alone can do it. It’s a vital part of the expansion of God’s Love.