Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening February 22, 2017

​Teachers of God,
Go to and do the lessons. We've laid the cornerstones, build this foundation!​
We are finishing out chapter five: Healing and Wholeness. What are the foundations of healing?  It's all about knowing who you/we are. ONE. One life, ONE offering...with a multitude of experience. You can heal yourself, meaning: you have permission to be yourself as God created you. What's holding you back? Getting your feelings hurt. How do you deal with that? You are teaching others no matter what you believe. Teach Truth!! 
Join us every Wednesday from 7-9pm at 2067 Broadway on the 5th Floor, Carmen Room!! We meet for a 'Pre-Show' at GiGi's just below for fellowship and camaraderie. We appreciate you and what you contribute to the world. Join us for a hug and a smile. We share our lives, experience and hope with others. Bring a LOVE OFFERING! 
In appreciation,
Glen & Yolanda

Image One: Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan from ‘The Real Helen Keller’

Image Two: Red Rover from FUSE Health

Explanations of Images: Annie Sullivan offered healing to Helen Keller by sharing what she knew. We share our strength and hope with others because we know of our own healing. We cease to live in a world that is dominated by fear and lack. It’s a new world. We want to open this door to others. We join them, not oppose them. We know the fears of others because we’ve been afraid. We’ve been hurt so we understand the hurt in others. We join our humanity together, hand in hand and choose to work together for our good. We contribute what we know and learn, and teach others to do the same. Red Rover, Red Rover, send Brother right over. We embrace our brother as ourselves. We are learning to teach peace.