Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening February 17, 2016

​Teachers of God;
We're on Lesson 47! We're almost through with the FIRST 50!! If you're following along you'll find yourself on this lesson: 

God is the strength in which I trust.

Now try to slip past all concerns related to your own sense of inadequacy. It is obvious that any situation that causes you concern is associated with feelings of inadequacy, for otherwise you would believe that you could deal with the situation successfully. It is not by trusting yourself that you will gain confidence. But the strength of God in you is successful in all things.​
​We are that strength! We have that internal source of success! !
We're going to talk about the calling of the inner teacher this week. A lot of us have resisted the call of the Holy Spirit. We have an inner pull, an inner life of longing and love. It's okay to take that secret advice. It leads the way out. It is the voice of Wholeness and Completeness and Passion. Have we learned to listen to it? Lesson 47 corresponds to today's lesson of strength in identity and listening to who we are. We're going to be looking at Chapter 5: Healing and Wholeness and Section 2: The Invitation of the Holy Spirit. This is the 'knocking at the door'​ we talk about in most faiths. Are we listening? 

First Image: “Buryat Shaman” The Buryats, numbering approximately 500,000, are the largest indigenous (aboriginal) group in Siberia, mainly concentrated in their homeland, the Buryat Republic, a federal subject of Russia. They are the major northern subgroup of the Mongols.

Second Image: Graphic from the artist Barcinno

Explanation of Images: We are born with a Teacher. It’s the wholeness of who are. We are taught to listen to others outside of us. But we are often quite afraid of sharing and giving away our skills and ideas. But that is the Love of who we are. Sharing is Caring. Sharing is Healing. It is our understanding of ourselves as the wholeness that effects this change. Are we listening to the voice for Wholeness within us?