Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening February 10, 2016

​Teachers of God,
We're moving right along. Are you finding it easy, interesting or comfortable to place the foundation stones for the altar of the heart we're building? We're in the final 50 Lessons, which are the foundation stones. 39 has particular significance. It's all about guilt. How well do you deal with guilt? 

Lesson 39

My holiness is my salvation.

My unloving thoughts about _____ are keeping me in hell. 

My holiness is my salvation.

​This week we're finishing up Chapter 4. It's all about the ego. Ugh, I know. But we've got to learn to do two things. The first is recognize that we are not our egos and and the second is that our ego construction cannot be trusted to lead us anywhere we want to be. We are enough just as we are. Loved and beautiful, just as we are. We don't have to believe that, it's true. We're going to be looking at the construction of an ego and how to use trust and gratitude to eradicate ourselves from the hell of our own making! ​

First Image: Traditional Mardi Gras Mask

Second Image: Thank You Card from F. M. Illustrations

Explanation of Images: When we’re growing up we don’t know how to be anyone but ourselves. Most of us are eventually bullied or talked out of that idea and encouraged to create a more artful presence. Some of us never trust the world again to appear without this construction. Trust is something that is usually in short supply when we’re starting out on a conscious spiritual path. But we learn to trust again. A leader, a community, a book, an inner feeling perhaps, but we must learn to trust again. We discover that the mask is heavier than we thought, and though we’re uncomfortable, we want others to know us. We well up with gratitude for what we cannot do for ourselves. Gratitude becomes our go to strategy to giving and receiving love and acceptance.