Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening- August 6, 2013

Teachers of God,

We are almost done with the final review of the course. After this we have our foundation built and we start in on the first room. But we first must really get into our bones that we are not just our bodies. Materialism is what we call the belief in only what our senses tell us or that we can measure. But even the materials ask for faith. The Big Bang Theory is a way of saying something was created out of nothing a long time ago. Just because. A friend of mine says this is the 'Give us One Miracle." or as I call it "I can create the world and everything with just one miracle."


(Remember name that tune?) The greatest obstacle to our awareness of God's presence and to our own happiness is this belief in the materiel world. Does the world and it's pleasures have the meaning and existence we seek? It's the reflection, not the cause of reflection. 
It's not to be ignored or explained away, but it is here to show us what we believe. 

We have now reached a favorite chapter of mine. It's the chapter that contains the Obstacles to Peace. Chapter 19: The Attainment of Peace. Do you remember the 4 Obstacles to Peace? We'll go over them briefly, take a pop quiz (kidding...mostly). They're built upon two opening sections. One is about healing. The other is about sin. We don't talk much about sin these days. There are a lot of who believe we've done something that cannot be forgiven. We also might not be able to forgive someone either. What does the Course say about sin? Mostly that it's an error. Are we still holding on to errors and reproducing them our lives?

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If we believe in a world of sin, then we create a world of villains and victims that require avengers to capture and punish the evildoers. If we believe that we and our brothers are one with God then we know that we are unbreakable because our relationship os unbreakable. We are connected to God and our brothers. It is impossible to be separate from our good as it is impossible to break God.