Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening August 5, 2015

‚ÄčTeachers of God;
Carolyn MacLaury, Yolanda and I are working very hard to prepare an uplifting Halloween weekend. It's really important that take responsibility for our place in the world. We are the result of the actions of our Ancestors. We are the leading edge of the living intent of those who have come before us. We call the retreat The Face of Our Ancestors because that is You. That is US. We are here, now, to do something amazing. We are putting together a weekend of ritual and workshops that support your ability to stand as fully yourself and do what it is yours to do. Join us, won't you? The world disparately needs your contribution; the work of your ancestors and the fact that you are here is definitive proof of that! Register here: Discounts available till August 31. 
Gratitude is difficult for some of us. We just don't see many things within us or in the world that we're pleased about. But a strange thing happens when begin a routine of self care and relationship building. Can you remember the times when you were happiest? They were usually about high levels of sharing ourselves with others. Gratitude is that feeling of excitement about giving ourselves away.‚Äč Are we supporting our own development and the development of others? 
We're looking at Chapter 19, one of my favorites. The Attainment of Peace contains the Obstacles to Peace. There are four. 1. You Don't Want it or Recognize it. 2. You Broke God and are a Bad Person. 3. God is Mad at You and You must be Punished. 4. There is a Substitute for Love because God Doesn't Work. All of these things are dependent on one idea. The idea of Sin. What is it? Why do perpetuate the ideas that cause us suffering? Lets examine how we can see this error clearly and get to dismantling the obstacles to our peace. 

A Course in Miracles

Chapter 19: The Attainment of Peace

Section III: The Unreality of Sin

Image One: Broken China stock image

Image Two: Illustration of Convolutions of the Brain and Sutures of the Skull in the Human Male by Fritz Frohse

Explanation of Images: Each of us has been hurt. Each of us has hurt others. These hurts become a part of us, shape our world views and how we treat others. These hurts do not cripple us or restrict our experiences, unless we allow them. These hurts stop us from reaching out to others and it stops us from the wonderful discovery of the Innocent Child of God that dwells in our hearts and the hearts of our brothers. We’ve made a mistake in judgement based on fear. We could change our minds. We share the mind of God with others, it’s not locked up on our skulls. We can rely on the Universality of Healing and Presence. Today we are willing to step out of our past mistakes and take new chances of healing and dicovery with our brothers.