Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening August 31, 2016

‚ÄčTeachers of God,

Lesson for August 31st, 2016

Lesson 244

I am in danger nowhere in the world.

Your Son is safe wherever he may be, for You are there with him. He need but call upon Your Name, and he will recollect his safety and Your Love, for they are one. How can he fear or doubt or fail to know he cannot suffer, be endangered, or experience unhappiness, when he belongs to You, beloved and loving, in the safety of Your Fatherly embrace?

And there we are in truth. No storms can come into the hallowed haven of our home. In God we are secure. For what can come to threaten God Himself, or make afraid what will forever be a part of Him?
We're up to the second half of Chapter 20‚Äč. We have a tough lesson ahead of us. We're about to make a decision about what we want. It revolves around what we think the Truth is. I think we've got some good evidence to trust the Holy Spirit. Do we really need anymore? Well we have to reconsider the body's role in our journey and it's ability to provide what we need. 

A Course in Miracles

Chapter 20: The Vision of Holiness

Section: VIII: The Vision of Sinlessness




First Image: Public Domain Photograph of a Waterfall


Second Image: Still from The Walking Dead


Explanation of Images: We are integrating, building and learning new lessons all the time these days. Perhaps one of the biggest is our changing relationship with our bodies. A lifelong task is before us. We must learn to use our body’s sensors in the service of our passion. Too often we are still ruled by chasing our feelings and the feelings of others. This isn’t living. We are beginning to experience some truly beautiful and amazing miracles in our lives as we journey. We are grateful to our bodies. Our bodies live for us, we do not live to grow bodies. There is a beautiful world to build. We need everyone’s full attention on practicing our skills and passions in the world.