Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening- August 21, 2013

T eachers of God;

We've built the first room in our house, lets call it the foyer, or entry way: which is forgiveness. To get anywhere we must start with forgiveness. The second room is Salvation. "Salvation is a promise, made by God, that you world find your way to Him at last."
The course also calls it an 'un-doing' 
because it doesn't support error, or illusion. It's like a solvent that cuts through the grime on a window. It doesn't change the view, but unless you know that the window is dirty, you might believe it was hazy out! Salvation is a promise. I like knowing that I will eventually understand, that I will eventually be true to myself. Because that's what salvation does, show us what is already there. We are wonderfully creative people, you know. What's holding us back most of the time is our resistance to our own good.

We're on Chapter 20 this week. It's a short one. We had a really long one the last two weeks as we looked at the nature of sin (It's the idea that you can break God.) and the Obstacles to Peace (1. You don't want it. 2. Pleasure is happiness. 3. Death is Real & 4. God is mad at me.) So now we're ready to talk about your Holiness. It's expressed in our relationships, you know. Or not. The Course calls our relationships the Temple of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes we try to have a relationship with an imaginary object. Like a car, or a job, or even money or status. Cars and jobs and money aren't the problem, it's that we're trying to have a relationship with a tool, an object without meaning. How is our relationship with God reflected in our relationships with others? 

Hmmm and how in the world does Salvation fit into all of this?


Image One:

Best friends holding hands and running through a field of wildflowers on a sunny day.




Image Two:

The buried heads of Easter Island.



Explanation of Images:

Our home, our truest desires, and where we find Truth and Peace is in relationships. All relationships are the reflection of our relationship with God, our Creator. When we choose to be separate we create idols that cannot love us back. Idols are the illusions we prefer to the Peace of God. We cannot be in relationship with an illusion. We are actually in relationship with everything that is real.