Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening- April 9, 2014

Greetings Teachers of God!

We are about the step onto Lesson 100! Can you feel it? (Technically the 80th Unique Lesson) But we are on day 100 of the is new year with A Course in Miracles. We are moving from the our creation to our function. Exciting time to be alive. It's spring and the juices are flowing! Here is a review of the lessons and you'll see what I mean.

94.  I am as God created me.
95.  I am one Self, united with my Creator.
96.  Salvation comes from my one Self.
97.  I am spirit.
98.  I will accept my part in God's plan for salvation.
99.   Salvation is my only function here.
100. My part is essential to God's plan for salvation.

I remain whole and complete no matter what I believe or experience. I have my Identity with the Creator of all Reality. I choose to believe and act on the truth of my being. The Spirit of God and Me are One. I fully integrate this knowing and go forth with passionate connection to all the is. I embrace what is before me to do without judgement. I join with others in the expansion of peace and beauty in our experience. I am a valuable and necessary part of this peace and beauty. Because I am, we are whole and I am free.



Image One:

Black Angel by Anarchyman Digital Image



Image Two:

Photograph of the Ara Pacis Augustae in Rome. Altar to the return Caesar Augustus in 39 BCE. Restored to a new location at the Ara Pacis (Peace Altar) Musei (Museum)

Explanation of Images:

Very often we form identities around our suffering and the suffering of others. We have this or that chronic condition or maybe we know ‘the wheelchair guy’ or the ‘downs syndrome’ kid. No names, we identify with our sicknesses. In this way we are worshipping the condition and not accepting Peace into our lives. When we choose to fight with what is, we get sick in our bodies and our minds. We don’t need to prove that sickness and death aren’t real, we need to actively participate in the peace that is already here. Fighting is the disease, the resistance to what is. The Peace Altar in our heart is where we meet our wholeness and our healing.