Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening- April 30, 2014

Teachers of God,
We're wrapping up the second 50 Lessons. They're all about trust and truth. We're learning to trust our nature instead of second guessing. Who knows better how to be us than us? The idea is not to get anywhere you know, that takes care of itself. The idea is to fully express ourselves. Is God blooming you? There is trust in our self knowledge.

This week we'll be looking at the last section of Chapter 12: The Holy Spirit's Curriculum Section 8: The Attraction of Love for Love. Makes sense doesn't it. We know this law as 'Like Attracts Like' Who is in our lives? What is our general disposition? I once knew a person that thought that if they frightened everyone they encountered they would get treated better. I've also known people that declare all day long how hard life is to endure. Have we examined what it is we're seeking and aligned our beliefs to support that experience? I know that I want to live in world that is safe, fun and interesting AND supports my awakening fully to the glorious Child of God I Am. Am I attracting that experience? Do I treat others as I want to be treated? Do I live as want to, or have I postponed that to some later day when it's safe? It's safe now to step into our lives the way we feel authentically expresses our connection to All That Is. Love is very attracted to Love. The way to have any experience in our lives is to express it. Express yourself.



Image One:
Chinese Opera Mask by Qun Ying Hui of Tai Shi Ci


Image Two:
Drawing of Magnetic Fields from Txess Textbook, artist unknown

Explanation of Images:
We often act one way at home, another with our friends and in a different way at work. We have a collection of masks that we wear for our perceived safety and comfort. Sometimes we wear masks to influence others, we ‘put on a good face’. We often find it very difficult to share our lives with others, to share our thoughts and feelings and goals so that we can get support. The world is only showing us our beliefs. We can give ourselves permission to be in the world without masks. In that way we meet others without masks and expand the message of love and wholeness. We attract to ourselves and attract others that offer help and healing, support and accurate reflection when we practice it ourselves. What we are attracting is what we’re putting into the world.