Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening April 29, 2015

Teachers of God,
We're in a review right now. The 3rd of 6 Reviews. We're reviewing the last 20 lessons two at a time. I'm sure everyone is reciting them on the hour and every half hour, riiiiiiight? I know. Someone has to develop an app for that. Truly. We've done 90 lessons. Do you feel any different? How is this mind training going for you? We're also developing habits of being and practice. Look at the lesson, try to repeat it, combine them. The 6th Review is 20 lessons repeated, so we're gearing up to some real meaning making. Don't skip the reviews, they're very important to the training.
Well, we're up to Chapter 12: The Holy Spirit's Curriculum. We're going to review section 5: The Sane Curriculum. It's that point in the journey where we've got to do some skills development to accomplish the task we're to do. In the movies, this stage is usually in a montage. The gang gets together and has to learn to shoot a bow and arrow, swim a stream, concentrate, etc. We are taught directly by our Teacher, the skills we'll need. We learn how to trust the inner strength within us and we learn that we're more capable than we thought. We also learn to work together. 

A Course in Miracles

Chapter 12: The Holy Spirit's Curriculum

The Sane Curriculum



Image One: 3 of Pentacles in the Ryder-Waite Tarot Deck (called the Apprentice Card)


Image Two: The Power of Love Wallpaper design by PixShark


Explanation of Images: When we get on the path of God’s will for our lives, we find out that not only have we been relying on incorrect information, but that we don’t have to skills necessary to accomplish God’s will. We’ve been learning from the teacher that sends us on wild goose chases, and offers us humiliation and sacrifice. There is another Teacher, of course, and we’ve begun to listen and learn. Now is the time to sharpen our skills. We need to learn some new things and develop our skills to do what God has asked of us. We want to do them, but we must be focused and dedicated to our learning. We signed up for the path, and it’s ours to do. Now we practice, and learn, and grow in the skills we’ll need to do what is ours to do. We have the power.