Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening- April 16, 2014

Teachers of God,
We're winding toward the final third of the first 150 Lessons. We're on lesson 106 and we're learning what Happiness, Joy, Love and Truth have in common. Are we still under the impression that God want's anything less our happiness? Are we still trying to please a capricious god? Ask for favors and say magic words to avoid punishment? These are lessons we're working with this week:
101. God's Will for me is perfect happiness.
102. I share God's will for happiness for me.
103. God being Love, is also Happiness.
104. I seek out but what belongs to me in truth.
105. God's Peace and Joy are mine.
106. Let me be still and listen to the Truth.
What bring me joy and feeds my soul is my function in this world. Perfect happiness is when I learn to listen to the Voice for God which instructs me on authentic self expression of my unique passions and talents. I agree with God that I can be happy. I seek the path and understanding that leads me to greater and greater awareness of my place in the Mind of God. Happiness and Joy are  my destiny and traveling companions. I take time to be still and listen to the Voice for God show me the way to greater and greater happiness here and now.

We're going to look at Chapter 11: God or the Ego. Section 5: The Inheritance of God's Son. Do you know that God is tracking you down. There is an inheritance that you've earned that you keep refusing. There is the mantle of Glory that God is trying to get us to accept. We have starved ourselves from our happiness and blamed others all the while God is trying to get us to accept the inheritance that is ours. What talents, passions and dreams are yours? What is it that makes your heart beat faster and gives you energy when you're tired? God has a mirror he keeps in your heart. Will you come to the altar of your heart and take a look at yourself?

A Course in Miracles
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God or the Ego
The Inheritance of God’s Son

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Light Burst by Tuff Juice at Deviant Art

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Altar from Where Energy Flows;Feng Shui website

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Our wholeness and Salvation rest in accepting who we really are. If we can accept who we are we have the ability to accept others. When we accept others as they are without judgement we find that the glory of wholeness shines forth from our presence. We are complete and live from a heart space fully integrated with our mind and the mind of God. That place of wholeness is where we live as awakened beings. We live from this altar where we are free from the past, present and all desires to be anything other than we are. We live in Glory.