Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening April 15, 2015

Teachers of God,
We're up to Lesson 100!!! We're moving right along on our building the Altar of the Heart and well on our way in the Journey to the Kingdom. I'd like to focus on lesson 101 today. Do you believe you have to suffer to be happy? Do you think that bad things must happen so that you can know good? It's a dangerous idea, you know. Our suffering is not a requirement for our happiness. Being ourselves is. And we know how to do that.
God's Will for me is perfect happiness.
God's Will for me is perfect happiness.
Today we will continue with the theme of happiness. 
This is a key idea in understanding what salvation means. 
You still believe it asks for suffering as penance for your "sins." 
This is not so. 
Yet you must think it so while you believe that sin is real, and that God's Son can sin.
​We're on Chapter 11: God or the Ego. And we're going to look at Section 3: From Darkness to the Light. We're on a journey. The Hero's Journey. On this journey we sometimes wonder off. We listen to others tell us how it must be, in stead of listening to our hearts. Go to the Altar of your heart and ​re-discover what makes you happy. The Course calls these influences 'dark companions' and names loneliness, grief and fear as examples. We still have access to the Holy Instant, to the Kingdom even when we wonder off, but these dark companions deny this. We can get lost there trying to fill the loneliness and grief. Abandon these voices. They are not true. Your happiness is pointing to the light. We're here with you, you know. You're not alone. It's okay to feel how you want, just don't believe the voices of fear. 

Image One: Detail of Fresco of the Deeds of the Antichrist, 1501 at Orvieto Cathedral Luca Signorelli 1445 - 1523

Image Two: Forest Light photographer unknown

Explanation of Images: On our path it’s not unusual to be seduced by loneliness, grief and fear. We let our feelings get hurt and let our egos, the unreality of littleness and lack, tell us we’re small and ineffectual beings. The Peace and Joy we seek are still here, we've just turned away in favor of loneliness, grief and fear; we've traded our community for these dark companions who seem to comfort us. They do not. They postpone our joy. The road ahead we haven’t traveled before. It’s out of our pattern. It’s okay to have these feelings, but listening to the Holy Spirit will lead us through to the light. Don’t act on the despair. Our glory is not lost, we just put it down because it was uncomfortable at first. We’re too used to grief. It’s time to get used to a new way of living.