Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

Fellowship of Awakening October 22, 2014

Teachers of God,
So we're at the point of the year where we ask 'What is the Real World?'. No accident that in many of the worlds traditions this is the New Year. At this time of year we're told that we should remember our ancestors and perhaps atone for our transgressions. Things are dying all around us. What is this reality when things die and go away? The Course says in the introduction to these 10 Pillars of the Real World: "The real world is a symbol, like the rest of what perception offers." and "The real world shows a world seen differently, through quiet eyes and with a mind at peace." Fear Not! There is a world we want to inhabit. One that Truth is evident and Love is an experience all around us. We'll go over the pillars next week as it's the end of the section and Halloween Season. 
We're starting Chapter 26! The Transition. Are you ready to cross over? Are you ready to see through the veil that is so thin at this time of year? There is a real world to perceive, you know. We're going to look at the section called Many Forms; One Correction. What is in the way of your function on this planet? Why aren't you experiencing what you want to? Achieving what you desire? Are there evil people and corrupt systems in your way? What would you have to give up to have what you want? What is Holy Spirit asking of you that is too high a price to pay? Do we know that our highest mind is all about achieving our goals? Why wouldn't we do what the Holy Spirit prompts us to do? If you want to find out, please read the booklet and apply immediately! 

A Course in Miracles

Text - Chapter 26

The Transition

Many Forms: One Correction




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Do you have a habit that you would like to change? Do you have a habit that you would like to acquire? What is stopping you? Discipline? Motivation? LIkely it’s the idea that you’re going to have to give up something you have or not get something you want. That is discovering your belief that the thing is experience. It’s not. This  idea of sacrifice is very ingrained in us. We do have to make choices, but the idea of sacrifice is an immature one. Listen to the Holy Spirit solve your problems. Don’t you deserve what you want? If you have to earn it, then you’ll suffer to get it. Let go of the need to see some kind of balance that you understand. You are innocent and get to have what you want. If you do what the Holy Spirit says, you’ll get it. You are the innocent child of God and your desires are innocent too.