Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

Fellowship of Awakening October 15, 2014

Teachers of God,

We're finishing up the hall of the Holy Spirit. We'll begin What is the Real World next week. As you know the workbook tracks very well with the text. We're reading this week from Chapter 25: The Justice of God. We're looking at the section called 'The Light You Bring" from section five. It's a study of projection and what our eyes are for and what we are to do here on Earth with these bodies. If we're listening to the Holy Spirit, then what kind of world becomes possible? 

A Course in Miracles

Text - Chapter 25

The Justice of God

V The Light You Bring

vladimir kush - electra.jpg

Image One:

Electra by Vladimir Kush

Image Two:

Bird on a Flowering Branch -unknown illustrator

Explanation of Images:

We are the light that we seek. We are the peace we seek. We are whole and complete and bring these attributes to the world. We have the ability to choose our thoughts and the ideas we spread by the presence we are in the world. When we choose to act on who we are, our wholeness, instead of our imagined separate selves, we interact and experience Reality, Heaven. In fact it’s what we’re here to do, our function is to create and experience joy, to co-create with our brothers Heaven as a physical place to be experienced by our senses. The birds, bees, flowers and trees are reflections of Heaven. Of us. We can come together in this work of unity because it our nature to do so.